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My Right Size

2017-01-01 19:28:09 0 By: Megakids Times Read: 645
My Right Size

Welcome to a new year folks! A year so promising, fresh and full of opportunities.

Perhaps it will be the first time you will ever make your online purchase; or you are so used to doing this that it is no big deal.New or old comer, you likely find yourself wondering “how do I get to be sure what size of shoe to order for my child”.

No doubts, you see many beautiful shoes being listed everywhere on the internet. Most of them are listed in either U.K. Or US sizes….perhaps you've never really bought a shoe without taking your kid there, so you don't even pay attention to what size is printed on her shoes.


✅ See a beautiful shoe

✅ Are sizes listed as 11,12….. OR  27, 28…

✅ Slow down…don't order yet if you are not sure 

✅ SHOES DOES NOT GO BY AGE…don't pick size 5 for 5yr old!

✅ Get home & check your kid’s CURRENT shoe

✅ The size should either match either category as listed in #2.

✅     If you are buying  closed toe shoe, you may afford to go up one size. For sandals, pls match current size

✅ Still not sure? Check to see if seller has a link in the description that shows a size chart or a link that pops open in a different window…be sure to LOOK VERY WELL

✅ If no chart or link, at least you are now sure of your child’s size because you have CHECKED

✅ Still not sure? Measure your child's feet with a ruler in 'inches  OR centimeter'

✅ Go ahead and call the seller/store to seek help BEFORE ORDERING…..DON’t order till you clarify.

✅ Now, you probably got more help on right size….go ahead & place your order.

At Megakids, we take pride in attaching a size chart to our shoe listings. You will find them useful to help you decide. From the chart below, 

US size 4 = UK size 3 = Euro size 36.6  = ruler measurement 22.2cm.

We hope this is useful in helping you choose appropriate shoe size for your kids. We wish you all a safe, happy & Mega 2017...❤️


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