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Where To Lay My Infant

2017-05-09 07:49:58 0 By: Megakids Times Read: 1248
Where To Lay My Infant

 It’s that time when you are thinking of building your beautiful nursery…..oops! M A J O R  S P E N D I N G  A L E R T! Where do I start? Top to bottom? Or bottom to top?..... Yes…. hospital needs…e.t.c... yes, we get that! After that? It’s time to buy baby’s bed. Yayyyyyy!!! But wait? Tight budget…*thinking loud*, limited space, pass -me -down from relatives, ‘I love my baby syndrome- so we have to co-sleep’!!! *sigh*


Budget Limit Mommy: Buy a basic playpen or a ‘sophisticated’ one. These usually cost less. They can work for you till baby is about 1yr old. They are mostly mobile (can move them around the house). After age 1, get a toddler bed which can last them till about age 6-7 (depending on stature).

Limited Space Mommy: You should go for a playpen too. If you purchase a small bassinet, you will find yourself needing something else for baby around age 5-6months as baby will become too big for bassinets.

I Can Squeeze My Purse- Kind-Of-Mommy: Okay…just invest big time in your baby’s future. Buy a convertible crib! If you really want to ‘squeeze your wallet’, it is advisable not to buy mini cribs or handmade cribs that are not convertible or are small. You end up becoming the ‘limited budget mommy’…. meaning…you will still have to find another bed for baby to sleep after he turns 1yr.

There are lots of cribs sold out there, bear in mind that your child’s safety is paramount!. Imported cribs go through rigorous testing & certification before being placed on the market. Below are some tips about imported convertible cribs

  • Some will come with toddler guard rails (prevents child from falling out of bed). These are more expensive. If no guard rail…chill…you can get a simple guard rail later.
  • Converts to toddler day bed (remove 1 side panel) or regular bed (remove 2 side panels). 
  • They are painted with lead free paints (very important, you don’t want lead poisoning in your baby).
  • They have adjustable mattress heights (raise and lower as baby grows)
  • They come with simple instructions for assembly.
  • You can register your product directly on the company website (Graco, Dream on Me, Storkcraft, AFG & so on) once you purchase…this helps you secure the manufacturer warranty.

At Megakids, we stock bassinets, cribs and playpens. All our convertible cribs are US imported brands with all the attributes above and more. The coolest thing is that all our convertible cribs comes with free mattress and baby pillow..oh la la!....You have variety of mattress colours to choose from. These mattresses are waterproof and will follow your child as you convert the crib to toddler bed.

Now…. for those ‘I can squeeze my pocket mommy’……your investment into a convertible crib will last you minimum of 5yrs….it can last till teen-age (next topic). All you have to do is S Q U E E Z E  T H A T  W A L L E T!

Low budget and space limited mommies…we see you!....we’ve got you covered as well with variety of playpen and bassinets. Then your magical toddler beds (which of course comes with free mattress and pillow too).

We hope you got a good read out of this piece. Browse our current crib collections here:

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